about me

i grew up in southern new jersey, in the philadelphia suburbs. after a 15-year career in gymnastics I graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s in psychology. i entered the crossfit world in 2007, coaching athletes and leading gymnastics seminars across New jersey, pennsylvania, and delaware, and now have the honor of sharing my experience across the phoenix area. i fell head over heels into love with the sport of weightlifting in 2011 and have since immersed my heart, body and soul into the pursuit of reaching my fullest and strongest potential as an athlete. after living in the city of brotherly love for 4 years, i was invited to train under joe micela at performance one advanced sports training, one of the leading and highest respected weightlifting coaches in the u.s., and for good reason. so i packed up my jetta, drove across the country, and now spend my days lifting weights, listening to music, being inspired by beauty, and writing about all things i love.