Judge me.

To the woman dressed head-to-toe in a $300 color coordinated track suit and matching headband who refused to enter into discussion with me because she judged me as unworthy for conversation about athletics due to my lucky shorts with a gaping hole in the waistband, baggy tank, and Tom’s,

To the man weightlifting at the gym who directly ignored me when I offered to give technical advice, only to approach me two days later to inform me he’d Google’d my name and now would love to hear some tips,

To the older woman who muttered crude and degrading words under her breath and shook her head in condemnation of the shorts I wore in the grocery store post-training,

To the girl who labeled me as an “attention whore posting sexually explicit pictures on Facebook for validation,” in an anonymous email,

To the past boyfriend who declared me hypocritical and unfit to call myself a “strong woman” because of my willingness to adapt my behavior and make sacrifices,

While I would like to simply reply with, “Do you even lift, bro?” I realize that judging an individual on how much they lift or cannot lift is just as bad, so I will respond to each of you with this…

Judge me on my character.
Judge me on my morals.
Judge me on the respect I have for others.
Judge me on how I treat others.
Judge me on the respect I have for my self.
Judge me on my willingness to evolve, change, and grow.
Judge me on the quality of the human being that I am.

Do not stop “judging,” but please judge me on these things instead.



Photo by Tiffany Alanori