My Present Haven


10 months ago I left my downtown, brick walled, milled door loft and filled my ’99 Jetta to the brim with suitcases, faux taxidermy, and amber depression glassware for my voyage to the desert. As my heirloom vanity, mid-century chairs, and aluminum bar stools collect dust in a Philadelphia storage facility, I can relay that moving cross country leaves you with little to none attachment to material things. Perhaps this is why it took me nearly a year to fill my Phoenix bedroom, leaving it stark white and empty (though I LOVE a bleached out haven), rejecting the idea that this is “home” for the present moment.

While I may have no attachment to material things, I do have a love for the beautiful things. So with a little help of collected antiques and my favorite pastime, thrifting, I have accepted this present moment and filled this sanctuary with vibrance, pattern, texture, life, and love.


California polaroids line my wall in dollar picture frames.


I have an obsession with jewel colored glass vases and jars.

And so does the Arizona sunlight streaming through my window.  IMG_1781 IMG_1782

Mocassins from the Mashantucket Pequot tribe and a portrait by a beautiful friend.

A terrarium and clay pot longing for herbs, and a piece from my vintage Samnsonite collection.

If you can tell what type of person someone is by what lines their shelves, I’m not sure what metallic clogs, Chuck Taylor’s, a polaroid camera, and an antique hand mirror says about me.

Isn’t it mandatory to have your boudoir equipped with a leather pillow, humming bird, Isreli wool blanket, and German Shepherd?

(P.S. Looking for inspiration for your own sanctuary?
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  1. samantha   •  

    lovelovelove. what a reflection of our conversation yesterday, too.

    time to take the training wheels off xo

  2. Anna   •  

    i love this post. and I’m a sucker for design blogs. i just book marked all of your favorities.

  3. Gail   •  

    I love your outlook and optimism, its so refreshing to learn more about you :] I too am living in Phoenix, have you gotten a chance to check out South Mountain yet? So many caves and beautiful trails, your german shepherd would love it as well. And if you like a bit of light rock climbing with amazing views it shouldnt be missed.

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