Pixie Warrior : Ninja Warrior

Ironic as it is, I recently found out that my internet-created nickname, “Pixie Warrior,” is more fitting than I ever liked to believe. While there have been drawings which portrayed me in a similar light to Xena the warrior princess, after this month I may just have more in common with team Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s bad boy, Raphael…or at least I’d like to think so.

Ninja Sam

Last month I was put into contact with a casting producer of NBC’s well known show, American Ninja Warrior. As a fan of the original series, Sasuke, I had flashbacks of watching contestants dangling from the cliffhanger, flying off of the double salmon ladder, and engaging in their best Sonic the Hedgehog impersonations in order to conquer the half pipe. In addition to these flashbacks, I’ve had nightmares of belly flops into the water, this short 5’2″ stature hindering me from any long jumps and reaches, and my coach hiding his face in shame as I fail on the first obstacle course. But presented with the opportunity to face plant into failure in front of a nationwide audience…I couldn’t hesitate in accepting it.

So in less than two weeks I will be joining my muscle head comrades in Venice Beach, California to attempt and film the course, and show my ninja skills. If you’d like to support this challenge, I would be more than grateful. Here’s how you can do so…

  • Buy a Pixie Strength shirt! All proceeds from this product will go towards funding my travel expenses in California, and anything beyond that will assist in my trip to USA Weightlifting Nationals this Summer. (See “Shop” above to see product availability)
  • Watch Ninja Warrior!…And try not to laugh too hard if I do in fact face plant.




  1. Matt   •  

    Any chance we’ll see more merch on the site… A poster would be rad… Or maybe an action figure…

  2. samantha   •     Author

    I was thinking of a poster…Souns good?

  3. Josh Velo   •  

    I was curious… how much total funding do you need? This looks like a fun project to invest in. :) I can’t do a lot…. but I might be able to give enough. Email me, please.


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