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before writing some words, let’s go over some numbers:

  • 2: years since my first national weightlifting competition
  • 540: days since the BuzzFeed article coining “pixie warrior” was released
  • 10: months spent without touching a barbell in order to recover from a traumatic injury
  • 2342.1: miles driven from the city of brotherly love to the valley of the sun
  • 50: attempts made to write this first blog post

this year has been filled with the most fear, pain, disappointment, anguish…passion, joy, courage, and strength.

after a severe injury, a loss of a job and coach, i sat in the comfort of my beautifully brick walled loft reminiscing on all of my successes, yet fearing all of my failures. i cried tears for all i had lost, but my spirit realized that in all of my past comforts i’d already lost the most important thing…challenge.

i’d accepted my comfort, i lived in the past with mere expectations of a future, but i never breathed in the present moment. i chose to easily dismiss fear rather than accepting it in order to propel me into a state of courage. so the next breath i took, i embraced that presence, fear, pain, and the new challenges to come from it.

so here i am. writing in the beautiful desert, training under one of the top coaches in the country, with not much to my name…my passion, my strength, and just that, my name. so join me in my journey to see what lies ahead.






  1. Clay   •  

    Inspiring, keep up the great work. You, Samantha Wright, you are a goddess. Though I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you, I couldn’t be more impressed by your passion and tenacity. I can’t wait to see where you go. :)

  2. Madu Lopez   •  

    I love the coincidences that life throws. I’m about to go live with a personal website and blog. I’m literally in the middle of writing my first blog entry. All I can say is that I can totally relate to you regarding not being able to train, perform or compete because of external factors. In your case an injury and in my case lack of sponsorship.
    I’d greatly appreciate it if you could check out my site/blog once it goes live in the next couple of days
    Stay strong and wishing you the best in all of your endeavours

  3. Frank   •  

    Just what I needed…

    Thank you, Samantha!

  4. Joseph Dragunov   •  

    Splendid. Very motivating. Can’t wait to continue the conversation known as your blog.

  5. Steven Shattuck   •  

    You give so many people inspiration and sadly some creepy followers. Just keep kickin’ ass girly. The world loves ya ;)

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